Photo by Elina TuliniemiRed&White-litter (2 males & 4 females)
Born: 2012-03-13

Tairngire Red Baron
Tairngire White Alert

Tairngire Red Clover
Tairngire Red Osier
Tairngire Red Pepper
Tairngire Red Valerian



Tallitontun Wagner Heythrop Trailblazer Heythrop Tweed
Heythrop Trouble
Muhlross Smooth Blend Mindlen Hoolet Of Muhlross
Muhlross Could It Be Magic

Tairngire Mountain Dew

Falling Branch Solid Brass Falling Branch Bold As Brass
Monterey Something 2 Talk About
Tairngire Honey Dew North Cotswold Balthazar
Barsetta Make Mine Mink

Photo by Miia Vaalahti  Photo by Miia Rastas
Tallitontun Wagner & Tairngire Mountain Dew